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I stand amidst the din and doldrums, stagnation and disgust. Please… a breeze, I beg. Stir my gypsy soul and senses; ignite my wanderlust.

Strewn with threads  

(his Thomas Pink, that Agent Provocateur - I wore for you once) 

higher and higher it piles, 

tricking my body into feeling like this bed isn’t as bare. 

Another Sunday morning 

crispy and bright. Like our one Sunday : 

entangled in sheets and your legs,

your arms holding more than my body.  

Was this premeditated? 


you should languish behind bars for this unrivaled love we’ve conceived - 

this all-consuming love, leaching onto my dreams 

your absence: slurping… sucking… siphoning,

my once plastic, manufactured happiness.

She [finally] beats. 

But for how long? 

Darling, you’ve induced me - 

a virgin to such fruit

an addict I’ve become. 

Yet, my sheets remain bare 

so I lie,

silently awaiting my harrowing withdrawal. 

2 Feb | 13:40

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True on We Heart It.

True on We Heart It.

24 Jan | 9:40
reminds me of you #love #fleeting #moment #time

reminds me of you #love #fleeting #moment #time

26 Dec | 15:44
#happy #couple #quote #love #darling #lips #kiss #me 

#happy #couple #quote #love #darling #lips #kiss #me 

26 Dec | 15:38

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